Hindu wedding at Bhaktivedanta Manor

Below is a selection of Hindu wedding photography from Trupz and Sam's wedding at Bhaktivedanta Manor and their wedding reception at The Cavendish.

The Hindu bride gets ready for her wedding day
A detail shot of the brides Saree
Hindu wedding jewellery
Hindu wedding earrings
The bride's hand with henna tattoo
The Hindu bride gets ready for her wedding
The bride puts her Saree on
Documentary wedding photography - The Hindu bride puts her saree on
A portrait of a beautiful Hindu bride - Hindu wedding photographer
Hindu wedding bracelets
The bride during Ganesh Puja
The bride and her parents pray to the Lord Ganesh
Hindu wedding photography - The Bride during the Ganesh Puja
A portrait of the Hindu bride
A candle
The bride's bouquet
A bridesmaid scatters flower petals into two baskets
The groom arrives at Bhaktivedanta Manor
The beginning of the Hindu wedding ceremony
The bride's parents wash the groom's feet before the Hindu wedding ceremony
The bride and her uncles and aunts stand at the entrance of the wedding ceremony room
The Bride is revealed to the Groom
The Hindu bride is revealed to the Groom
The bride and groom exchange wedding rings
The Bride smiles towards the groom
The bride and groom sign the wedding register
The Bride's mother takes part in the Hindu wedding ceremony
Hindu wedding photographer - A detail shot taken during the Hindu wedding ceremony
A portrait of the Hindu wedding priest
A wide shot of the Bhaktivedanta Manor wedding ceremony
A wide shot of the Hindu wedding at Bhaktivedanta Manor
Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu wedding
Hindu wedding photography
A portrait of the bride taken during the Hindu wedding ceremony
A bridesmaid prays during the wedding ceremony
Holy water is poured over the bride and grooms hands
The bride's parents stand behind the bride and groom during the Hindu wedding
Hindu wedding ceremony
The bride and groom holding hands
The sacred fire is lit during the Hindu wedding at the Hare Krishna Temple in Watford
Bridesmaids throw petals over the bride and groom
The grooms aunt pulls his nose during the Hindu wedding ceremony
The Bride is congratulated by one of her friends
The bride and groom talk with their friends after the wedding ceremony
Wedding guests at the Hare Krishna temple in Watford
A portrait of the bride and groom at their Hindu wedding
Hindu wedding portraits
A portrait of the bride and groom kissing
The bride and groom
Watford wedding photographer - Trupz and Sam's Hindu wedding
The bride and groom kissing - Hindu wedding photography
Hindu wedding photo
The bride and groom together with all the bridesmaids
A portrait of the bride and groom outside The Cavendish
Wedding photography at The Cavendish
The Cavendish wedding photographer
A portrait of the Hindu bride at The Cavendish
The bride's uncle talking to wedding guests
The Bride's aunt laughing
Documentary wedding photography
Candid wedding photography of the guests enjoying themselves
Wedding guests at Trupz and Sam's Hindu wedding
Guests talking with each other
A portrait of the bride with her mother
Wedding guests laughing during the wedding reception at the Cavendish
The Cavendish set up for wedding breakfast
Centerpieces on the wedding tables
Flowers in a birdcage
Wedding flowers on the tables
The bride and groom enter the dining room for the wedding breakfast
The bride's brother gives a speech
The bride and groom listening to the wedding speeches
The groom gives his speech during the wedding reception at The Cavendish
The best man and the grooms granddad laugh during the speech
The groom and bride smile during the best man's speech
Wedding guests listening to the best man's speech
A detail shot of the wedding rings taken on a reflective table
The Hindu bride laughing during wedding reception
The Bride's mother talking to a little toddler
A four tier naked wedding cake, made by Helen's Cakes
A naked chocolate wedding cake decorated with white roses
The bride and groom cut their wedding cake
The bride and groom have their first dance
The bride and groom have their first dance - The Cavendish wedding photographer
The bride and grooms first dance at their wedding reception, The Cavendish
Trupz and Sam have their first dance
The wedding band, 'Dr Moonshine' entertain the wedding guests
The Bride's mother dances with the groom's father
A young boy has a defenders on during the wedding reception

Trupz & Sam's Hindu Wedding

My coverage of Trupz and Sam's wedding day started in Bhaktivedanta Manor the UK home of the Hare Krishna movement. I photographed Trupz as she had her hair and makeup done before the wedding ceremony.

Trupz looked amazing in her Saree. Before the main wedding ceremony, I photographed Trupz and her parents during a prayer to Lord Ganesh to bless the ceremony.

I then photographed the groom's arrival at Bhaktivedanta Manor. On arrival at the temple, Sam was greeted by the priest and bride's mother and was presented with a clay pot which he was challenged to stand on and break. The action of breaking the pot symbolises that Sam would not allow any obstacle to come between him and his bride.

The Hindu ceremony was lovely. This was my second experience as a Hindu wedding photographer. I really enjoy photographing Hindu weddings as there is so much happening so there is lots to capture.

After the wedding ceremony I took a few portraits of the newlyweds in the beautiful gardens before heading to The Cavendish in Eastcote for the wedding reception.

The Cavendish

On arrival at The Cavendish I took documentary style wedding photographs of guests chatting with each other and then took detail shots of the dining room.

The dining room was beautifully decorated. The centrepieces looked lovely, they were white lilies with peacock feathers set on slices of logs. Speeches were given by the bride's brother, groom and best man all three were lovely. Following the speeches, the guests enjoyed an Indian meal.

During the meal one thing I often do is take the bouquet and wedding rings to take detail shots of them. I took detail shots of Trupz and Sam's wedding rings on a reflective table at the Cavendish, positioning myself so I could also capture the reflection of a chandelier which was overhead. I love the resluting image of the rings, the background looks like a galaxy.

I had a great time photographing Trupz and Sam at both their wedding and their engagement shoot. They are a lovely couple and were were an absolute pleasure to photograph. I'd like to wish them a long and happy married life together.

If you would like to see more photos of Trupz and Sam, you can view a blog post of their engagement shoot at Woburn Abbey, or below you can view their wedding slideshow, which is set to 'Can't Help Falling in Love' by Elvis Presley which was the music of Trupz and Sam's first dance. There is also a second slideshow that showcases all 655 photos that the couple received (not including extra black and white conversions) in 1 minute and 16 seconds!

Wedding Photography Slideshow

Wedding Details

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