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Corina and Kalpesh's Hindu wedding ceremony in Edgware.

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Hindu wedding photographer
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I had a fantastic time photographing Corina and Kalpesh’s Hindu wedding ceremony. Below is a small selection of photos from the day.

Corina and Kalpesh celebrated their Hindu Wedding in a marquee at Corina’s family home in Edgware.

My coverage of the day started photographing Corina and her parents during Ganesh Puja, a prayer to Lord Ganesh to bless the ceremony.

After the blessing, I photographed Corina as she prepared for the main wedding ceremony. She was assisted by her sister-in-laws to be who helped her prepare.

Corina and Kalpesh’s ceremony was the very first Hindu ceremony that I had photographed or attended, so it was a fascinating experience.

I loved capturing the intricate details involved in the ceremony.

My favourite photos came when the bride and groom exchanged garlands and at the end of Mangalphera when the priest asked the couple to sit down and whoever sat down first is believed to be the ruler of the household.

It had been a very wet day, but after the ceremony, there was a break in the rain, so we quickly head to the local park to take a few portraits of the bride and groom. Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived the heavens opened again but we still managed to capture some beautiful photos.

I had a lovely experience photographing Corina and Kalpesh’s Hindu wedding. I had the pleasure of photographing Corina and Kalpesh again just two days after their Hindu wedding as I also photographed their civil ceremony.

If you would like to see more photos from Corina and Kalpesh’s Hindu wedding please view the slideshow below. Or click here to see photos from Corina and Kalpesh’s Froyle Park wedding.

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